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Performance of Salah


6-Rukoo' (Bowing Down)
(i) raise the hands as described previously (see above) and say ALLAAHU AKBAR (Allaah is the Greater)  while going into the bowing position.
(ii) In bowing posture, put the hands on the knees and grab them with your elbows away from your sides, and your back straightened with the head leveled with your back (see below):

Bowing (Rukoo') Position in Salah

(iii) While in Bowing position one says:

"سُبحانَ رَبِّيَ العَظيم"
Subhanna Rabbiyal 'Adheem (3 times)

Far removed from every imperfection is my Rabb (Lord), the Great.  [3 times].

7-Standing Erect (Qiyaam) after Rukoo':
(i) Rise from bowing, raising you hands to the levels of the shoulders, or earlobes, saying:

سَمِعَ اللهُ لِمَنْ حَمِدَهُ
Sami'Allahu li man hamdidah

Allaah hears the one who praises Him.

ii) Stand upright until one's very parts take their positions and say:

رَبَّنَا ولكَ الحَمد
Rabbana walakal-hamd

O our Rabb (Lord)! All the praise is due to You.

8- The Sujood (Prostration) & Juloos (Sitting):
(i) Reach the ground with the hand's first and then the knees while saying ALLAAHU AKBAR  (Allaah is the Greater), and rest on your palm's and place your forehead, nose, knees, and feet on the floor with your belly away from your thighs. Toes should be erected and directed to the Qiblah.  Your arms should be away from the ground, as bellow, saying:

"سُبحَانَ رَبِِّيَ الأعْلَى" (3 مرات)
Subhaana Rabiyyal-'Alaa (3 times)

"Far removed is my Rabb, the Most High, from any Imperfection"

Prostration Position

(iii) Then you raise your head while saying: ALLAAHU AKBAR (sometimes raising one's hands), sit on your left leg while keeping your right foot upright with its fingers to the Qiblah. Put your hands on your knees [see below], and supplicate saying:

"رَبِّي اغفِر لِي"
Rabbigh-fir lee

O my Rabb! Forgive me.

Sitting Position

The left and right foot in IFTIRASH

This position of IFTIRASH is done in the last Rak'ah of Fajr and Maghrib Prayer and in all Regular or optional prayers.

(iv) Following the sitting position, you come up with a second prostration as you did before. Once done you have completed one full unit (Rak'ah). Say Allaahu Akbar and stand up for the second Rak'ah. Do it in the same manner as you did the first one, but without reciting the opening supplication.


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