Compiled by:
Saleh As-Saleh

May Allaah forgive him, his parents, his family, and all Muslims


References and Acknowledgment

1-Sumaries of Prayers (Arabic) by the three great Imaams of our time: Sh. Bin Baaz, Sh. Al-Albani, and Sh. Bin 'Uthaimeen, may Allah's Mercy be upon them all.
2-The Prophet's Prayer described (English) by Sh. Al-Albani. Translated by Usama Ibn Suhaib Hasan (1413/1993 ed.)
3-The Islamic Digest of  Aqeedah & Fiqh, by br. Mahmoud R. Murad (1998 ed.)
4-Illustration adapted from [Prayers described].
5-Sister Umm Ahmad al-Kanadiyyah for her encouragement and support to produce reliable information for new Muslims trying to learn Salah.

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